You enjoy being the conduit between the requirement and the achievement. You anticipate the need, but you can also react quickly to a last-minute change. You recognize the importance of detail, and how people receiving the right information and the right tools can make the difference. And you get satisfaction from making all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

And us? We are well funded and growing exponentially. Last year, our revenue grew faster than Uber when they were our size. We are building the world's most advanced tools for retail and e-commerce. Our customers include local retailers such as Alexanian's, Fortune 500 companies, and leading global brands such as Crate&Barrel. We are looking for obsessive and collaborative challenge-seekers to amplify our momentum and help us create an iconic Canadian tech company.

What You'll Do

Provide general administrative support, including:

  • Ordering, distributing and tracking supplies & inventory
  • Formatting and forwarding data / metrics to internal parties
  • Researching and distribution of promotional material
  • Coordinating internal admin expenses with Accounts Payable

Assisting the Human Resources Department with talent recruitment, including:

  • Scheduling candidate interviews
  • Communicating with candidates through the application process
  • Liaising with internal parties regarding new hire details and requirements
  • Coordinating new hire onboarding procedures


  • Proficiency in Google Workspace and ATS software
  • Ability to work independently
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Solid communication, organizational and time management skills

About our culture

  • We work in tight-knit teams to maximize speed and cultivate an ownership mentality.
  • We cherish curiosity and an obsession for details because we know these details are invaluable over the long run.
  • We promote an environment where ideas are challenged. The best ideas win!
  • We're hyperfocused on our achievements and our ability to execute on our promises. We act with urgency.
  • It's not always about us. We give back to our community to ensure it can grow.
  • We love to compete and have fun. Our game nights are legendary.

About our products

Imagine you want to buy a rug for your living room. You want to make sure it will fit and look good. Our technology lets you see the rug in your own room before you buy it. Simply upload a picture of your room using your mobile phone, and slide the rug under your coffee table:

Our results

5x increase in e-commerce conversion rates and a dramatic decrease in the time it takes to make a purchase decision. We are also reducing carbon footprint by eliminating trips to the store and avoiding product returns, while also saving marriages -- because now you can be sure the products you buy for your home will fit and look good.

About our office

We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto with nearby access to both of the main subway lines. Our office is spacious with roomy desks, comfortable chairs, and top tech gear. The kitchen is packed with essentials including healthy snacks, exotic teas and fresh ground coffee. And we are surrounded by great restaurants and food options. The only downside is we don't have any plants (yet).

About our hiring process

Now: You upload your resume and complete a brief questionnaire.

Week 1: We arrange a phone call with you to assess your abilities.

Week 1 or 2: You attend the first on-site interview.

Week 2 or 3: You attend the second on-site interview soon after.

Week 2 or 3: You receive an offer.

Take the Leap. Apply now.

Our demo, in case you missed it: