About you

You take pride in exceeding expectations. You love learning new things and solving puzzles. Getting the right answer just feels awesome. You are always looking for improvements and ways to automate. You pay close attention to details and it bugs you when others do not. You thrive in a team that challenges you and lifts each other up.

Your peers are impressed by your technical knowledge and know-how, which allows you to become their trusted advisor. You are not afraid to convince someone to change their mind and you recognize when you need to change yours. You are excited to take on new challenges and be part of leading edge technology for key customers in the interior decor space.

At Leap Tools, we are building the world's most advanced solutions for the interior décor industry. With customers in 80+ countries, our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, local retailers such as Alexanian's, and everything in between. We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte for multiple years in a row, and we are looking for ambitious challenge-seekers to fuel our momentum and help us create an iconic global tech company.

What You’ll Do

  • Manage visualizer integrations throughout the entire life cycle of our customers
  • Work closely with our Professional Services team to deliver exceptional visualizer experiences on time
  • Design elegant, maintainable, and scalable visualizer solutions that help our customers achieve their goals, while balancing complexity and technical debt
  • Become a trusted partner to internal teams (Customer Success, Sales, Product, etc), providing technical expertise and sharing best practices to drive best-in-class customer experiences
  • Collaborate with Project Operations Manager to create and maintain processes, templates and documentation
  • Engage as a mentor within the Technical Project Management and Professional Services teams


  • Exceptional organizational skills, and ability to manage complex technical projects under tight deadlines
  • Ability to make judicious decisions quickly and effectively under ambiguous circumstances
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to motivate team members to deliver results
  • Experience working in a collaborative environment and promoting a teamwork mentality
  • Able to determine, define, and document clear deliverables, and identify roles and responsibilities of project members
  • Good understanding of web technologies (single page applications, cookies, web views in native applications, HTML, TypeScript)
  • Familiarity with programming/scripting

About our products

Imagine you want to buy a rug for your living room. You want to make sure it will fit and look good. Our technology lets you see the rug in your own room before you buy it. Simply upload a picture of your room using your mobile phone, and slide the rug under your coffee table: https://www.roomvo.com/rugdemo4r

About our results

Our customers see a 5x increase in e-commerce conversion rates and a dramatic decrease in the time it takes to make a purchase decision. We are also reducing carbon footprint by eliminating trips to the store and avoiding product returns, while also saving marriages -- because now you can be sure the products you buy for your home will fit and look good.

About our office and remote work

We are located in downtown Toronto with nearby access to both of the main subway lines. We are remote-first which means that most of us are working from home; we encourage our teams to work from wherever they are most productive, and many of us will continue to work from home in the future, either full-time or in part. We’ve come up with a few ways to keep everyone on the same page with remote work including a quick company-wide check-in on Mondays, remote coffee breaks on Fridays, and ad hoc topical sharing sessions. Another big upside is you get to be around your pets and plants (if you have them).

About our hiring process

Now: You upload your resume and complete a brief questionnaire.

Week 1: We arrange a video call with you to assess your abilities.

Week 1 or 2: You attend the first video interview.

Week 2 or 3: You attend the second video interview soon after.

Week 2 or 3: You will create and present a case study

Week 3 or 4: You attend a third video interview.

Week 4 or 5: You receive an offer.

Take the Leap. Apply now.

Our demo, in case you missed it: https://www.roomvo.com/rugdemo4r